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Brightness Spectrum

The day seemed brighter than usual in the most uncanny of ways.

The creek could be heard flowing and the flies and bees buzz

was also heard more clearly than usual. But amidst all of these patterns,

there was something else fractured and marred beyond

any usual glimpse of what life could be or look like.


There was the stimulation of things unknown,

which is always there for the taking or playing with ~

but today it was more like the unknown of the unknown.

Unknowing squared. It’s not quite like a double negative.

Unknown and more unknown is just the unknown.


It may seem odd to ask, “what do we know

about the unknown?”–but it’s precisely that

kind of question that is needed at times.


The words tick on like seconds on a clock,

like bees returning to the hive,

like water flowing ever down, down, down.


The words themselves are sometimes the only clues

and today those clues are: brighter, fractured,

marred, stimulation, unknown, uncanny,

double negative, and even a few yet spoken.


If I could grind up these words to make a pigment

to paint with, these would be music more than color,

the music of thunder, the shudder of forces of nature

coming into contact and then departing or dispersing.


How could anything as broken as fractured stimulation

become the clue to some of the greatest mysteries of being?

How could something as uncanny as a double negative

serve a higher cause than the brightness of a day?


How fortunate to be inside the Rubik’s Cube of sound itself

such that even sound follows a brightness spectrum.

But there are days such as these.


Janice Sandeen ~ 26 March 2017

written while virtually “attending” the writing jam w/Daniel Ari

spoken at The Spoken Word Open Mic in Taos, NM @ SOMOS

inhabit inhabiting

I have been so


with thoughts

about what

many others

are thinking and have put forth

that, in effect,

I have stopped



As this


may I newly dawn,

as the sun does

when blanketing the ground with light,

as music

pervading this inner space

and beyond.


I am


to dwell

in and as

the cracks between

the world-as-we-know-it.


The gaps

are teeming with life

hardly once recognized.


I am

this life

and this life responds

within itself

as itself

and in concert

with itself,

even while teeming

as chaos.


So Many Reflections Through This Form

First, it’s the music ~ music is one of the deepest reflections there is for me. A reflection in the most visceral sense where within me a recognition is stirred of the primordial nature of what I feel to be my very core self or essence. When I experience this kind of reflection, it’s as if I have access to the formless nature of being through the form of my physical self, the simple within the complex, and the vastness of the timeless within the present moment. It’s not as if I’m listening to music, but I am the music, the awareness, consciousness, and the embodiment of the music. ~ 10.7.11

Another is simply being one with nature ~ interesting, this one. Of course, I am one with nature, as there is no separating that very core aspect of this form existing in nature, as nature, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to perceive myself as ‘being one with nature.’ What occurs more than not, however, is that I am in some organized structure, a house, a car, something constructed out of nature, but one that creates more of a separation from nature than not. These structures and dwelling in them seems to me to be similar to the mind dwelling in a concept ~ there is some ‘safety’ or ‘protection’ there in the concept, but ultimately an artificial boundary.

Stepping outside of these structures, I find I meld with or join my timeless and natural state of being when just surrendering the form into natural landscape. I walk and walk up into the hills only to immerse my nature in the nature of these surrounding hills and forests, laying supine on a grassy slope facing the western sinking sun. I experience the closest thing to this ‘pre-mind’ nature in my ‘post-mind’ consciousness.

Eckhart Tolle describes nature and animals as being ‘pre-mind’ and humans as ‘post-mind.’ (In his CD collection called the art of PRESENCE.) What I take from this is that even though we, as humans, have been front and center so overly involved on an evolutionary level with the development of the mind and thus the preoccupations of the mind, we are actually at a time when we have the opportunity to step into a new ‘post-mind’ relationship with being that has an interesting relationship with the ‘pre-mind’ state of being we can witness in animals and nature. “Connecting with being,” he calls it “connecting with your body, it’s more than body, the invisible life that animates the body, the intelligence field.”

Liquid Consciousness on the Mundane Plane

The melting that goes on within my energetic perceptual beingness when music becomes the key to unlock the natural expansion of my awareness consciousness is a beautiful and earthy touch on the mundane plane. The cat sitting on my lap seems to melt with me, as does the earlier calisthenics of the mental plane trying to sort something out that it has no business being involved in in the first place! Music, for me, is a deep ally as are the animal energies that I so often attract or attract to. What a gift it is to have been given back or given directly this ally relationship by landing in the color of my unique frequency within the realm of how my brain and physiology does the best when taking in information or nourishment. It’s like being given back a whole stash of gold coins that somehow slipped out of the lining of my pocket while I was distracted doing something else, who knows what!

And while I’m at it, let me announce my joy, my exquisite satisfaction with my visit to the hills that also feeds me so deeply as the sun begins to trail lower and lower bringing to the hills a shift in temperature and a lifting of the currents of air into a flow of wind that lift my spirits and bring me into a deeper harmony of self where clearings of residue happens naturally and effortlessly. And now, in this night, I feel a dance moving in the rhythms of the music that just so lightly and fluidly move in my body and spine, as well. Liquid spine. How does this translate into consciousness? What a good question ~ a question that seems worth pondering to me right now, but not from a mental frequency, some other way.

So ~ without the usual resistance in the pockets of the mind that so easily can be wired to the cerebral spinal fluid, the spine has freedom of movement in more ways than one or many. I remember this being or seeming to be opened in my awareness at one point in my experience. There was an extreme environment in which I was introduced at one time ago which allowed me to glimpse many things, but especially a vibrant introduction to how liquid is consciousness, especially the consciousness that seemed to be mine. And melting just a little bit more right now, my whole being stretches and yawns as it releases something unnecessary ~ Ah, having this global program that defines my spleen center right now… things just immediately getting washed through!