this human journey ~ journaling re: Human Design

This page has several journal-like entries from 2012 to 2018 with the most recent entry first. The last entry is more of an overview of my initial encounter and journey with Human Design, so if you are looking for a more succinct about how I “met” HD, you may like reading that one particularly.

Enjoy. Love yourself. Thanks for reading.

April 2018 ~ In aura contact: maybe you’ve experienced this yourself when or if you’ve met another, who happens to have Human Design close in to their own way of experiencing themselves or their way of navigating or moving along their storyline. This storyline or “movie”, as many within the Human Design community refer to how their life unfolds before them, is an expression of their unique trajectory as they surrender to magic of their unique aura mechanics and thus the perception of their unique Passenger Consciousness. My personal use of language has been impacted by the knowledge of the Human Design System (HDS).

As I move and conceptualize as myself through lived experiences, I “digest” those experiences (metaphorically and literally) and the life before me, the Maya, as well as my energetic and sense-attuned interactions with myself and others. I am inspired to write more here on this page, as this week I had an opportunity (my 10th Gate in the 4th line says “hooray!” to this) to meet another dedicated to living as themselves with the assistance of the HDS. That opportunity is unique from my experience, as the decision to embark on a process that is somewhat atypical in our world, one that calls for the surrendering of a more conventional, thought-based way of making decisions in one’s day to day life is pretty radical even though we are already nine-centered, potentially self-reflective beings.

It was a hugely radical decision for me to surrender to life-altering implications of the  treasure of my own reliable and consistent energy. It gave me direct access to “operating” differently, i.e. such that I can and do make unique and authentic decisions that came direct via the rich confluences of the unique blend of my awareness, my life force, my higher self, my will, and the cognitive catalysts present within my aura mechanics. (I am describing this with keynotes from my unique design, so would not describe it the same way for others.)

Phew, that’s a lot to consider, even I would say that as I write it out. While I got to visit with this friend, who I previously only knew through virtual means, I was reminded once again of the intensity of the self-reflected consciousness that is in the process of bursting forward or ready to blossom as itself. The incredible expressions of life itself are shifting, mutating, and coalescing, maybe even conspiring with us toward a fabulous evolutionary richness that can be likened to the ripening of fruits or exuding of pollens from the mature growth of flowers or other gestation and culmination processes that abound in nature.

Consciousness and nature, integral, as in one and the same. Need I say more? I’m imagining, yes… and would I like to say more, I am pretty sure I would. I will pause here now… and return within the natural time or timing that I have found lives in these very expressions of life being lived here and now, my breath, the being, the experiencing, and the rhythms of these as they emerge and sing as themselves.

May 2017 ~ The plentiful spring rains with its vitalizing lightning and thunder-songs have arrived here in northern New Mexico the last 24 hours. With the rains come much fertility, including on the inner planes. It’s time to share once again how my journey with living my design, the journey that includes the joys of sharing this way of living in tune with one’s life force, listening in ways that we often don’t get encouraged to do so in the mainstream cultural social programming.

When I’m called on and respond to meeting with others in a supportive way for their life journey, I am noticing that more often than not what we are paying attention to (in these sessions and mentoring meetings) are currents that call for a more subtle awareness to discern what is there in the perceptual fields. A new cellular knowing, maybe a felt intelligence, can be nourished and allowed to become the basis for a more enlivened matrix of being to sustain us, not as what we once were, but as We Are in this ever refreshing reality of crystalline consciousness. Blessings to you & thanks for reading!

April 2016 ~ From Arroyo Seco, NM where my Living my Design journey has brought me to live and call home ~  As it can be in life and fluidity, currents surge, ebb and flow, surface and subside; I have found a deep and abiding relaxation into this life as Life Itself. This process of “living my design” has shown me over and over again its own course, its tidal action. I see that I am part of a conjoined emerging and receding, flourishing as a

Janice August:September 2016
A selfie with the amazing skies & lands of  Taos, New Mexico ~ Autumn 2016

revelation of sorts followed by a quieting or drawing out and dispersing of that which arises in movement.

Life steps in repeatedly offering its varieties, possibilities of deeper integration, of what my individual life has access to as ready resource. One profound resource I draw on is the willingness to experience this life without agenda. Newly heightened awareness engages while the life naturally (mostly effortlessly, but it is not always felt that way) and continually steps into surrendered participation in the process ~ a stepping into the Unknown.

April 2014 ~ For this past month, I have been leading Human Design classes and reading clinics in Marin County, CA with my colleague and teaching partner, Anjali Saffire (aka Alissa Ferranto). Anjali and I first taught together five years ago in Fairfax, CA. At that time, we held a weekly Human Design study group. The group was clearly part of our own experiment of living our designs. We also assisted others in stepping into their own experiment of living as themselves using the knowledge of the Human Design System as a way to access their own unique consciousness free from the legacy of the kind of conditioning we are all exposed to throughout our lives.

From where I sit now, having traveled back to CA from a newly emerging life in NM, it is quite noticeable how the consciousness field within myself has changed over five years. I have noticed a significant shift in my perceptions and awareness just in the last two years, as well, but this teaching opportunity with Alissa has heightened the sense of perception around the kind of shifts and changes that Passenger Consciousness can experience or move through. I have noticed especially very subtle but significant shifts and changes in my View and my Awareness (two of the Four Transformations that correspond to Rave Psychology and the insights around Color and Tone.)

2012 ~ My journey with Human Design began seven years ago when a friend introduced me to this system of self-knowledge in October 2005. Human Design is a ‘revealed science’ of the form principle that is logical in its mapping of the human energy system or electromagnetic field that is undeniably part of how we experience ourselves and each other at this particular time along our collective human evolutionary journey.

Janice Sandeen Rave Chart
6/2 Generator, Emotional Inner Authority, Triple Split Definition, Left Angle Cross of the Alpha

My friend ran my Human Design chart, which you see pictured here. Seeing this image initiated a new way perceiving myself. It is a ‘surface’ map articulating the ‘aura mechanics’ at work in the experience of myself as an energy being. About a year and half after being shown my chart, once I had grasped the potency of this information directly, I began a dedicated experiment or experiential journey guided by my own ‘vehicle,’ the unique innate intelligence of my form.

Over time I came to understand, test out, and realize that I was drawn to live in a way that was sourced from a deeper current, even if had only surfaced from time to time, as a vernal stream surfaces during the heavy spring rains (as in California.) It’s as if the active principle of my core being has woken up, within its natural timing to the opportunity of listening to something other than the conditioned self or habituated behaviors around who I might think myself to be. Now, new choices open up and present, not just conditioned reactions and behaviors adapted to out of stress or various felt pressures, social, economic, emotional, or other persistent thought processes that couldn’t get close to touching and accessing who and what I really am.

[This last excerpt was written in Marin county, northern California, 2012.]

~ Janice Sandeen

2 thoughts on “this human journey ~ journaling re: Human Design

  1. Joseph Pattison

    Hi Janice, fellow 6/2 Generator here! It really sounds like you’re naturally and authentically living your design. I’m five years into my ‘on the roof’ hermit phase. Based on your experiences, what can a 6/2 expect during this period? Thank you.


    1. janicesandeen Post author

      Hi Joseph, Has the moment passed for you, at this point (months after your initial comment ~ ha!) to explore what the ‘on the roof’ transition might be like for you? Personally, based on my own experiences, I would not compare anyone else to myself or to my process, especially in hindsight and now that I am ‘off the roof.’ Ultimately not comparing oneself to another, in and of itself, is something unique to the 6/2 profile. We are each here to come to discover or explore or to test out what it actually means to live as ourselves.

      So, my sense is that the possibilities, here & now, are that you are still up for an exploratory conversation about all of this (are you?) or that you are more interested in some theoretical information about the Human Design System specifically related to the 6th Line Personality tripartite life process (unless you have already found that information from your exploration online or via other sources?) My apologies for not replying to you sooner. I do welcome further exploration, if you are indeed responding to that, at this time.




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