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Horses in pasture overlooking Tomales Bay, Pt Reyes Station, CA 2012


Ideally, we will meet in person for your consultation, usually in the place where you and your companion animals spend most of your time together. I am also available online or by phone for consultations, if you do not happen to live in the Taos/Santa Fe area. If you would still like to work with me, please be in touch so we can arrange that together.

The fee for an initial consultation, which includes hands-on (or readily applicable) and practical steps that you will be able to follow easily with your animal, as well as insights of transformational nature, is 85.– Follow up consultations are 50– an hour.

Engaging me for a consultation may be an opportunity to think “outside the box” about not only your animal, but the way you think about yourself and ways of relating with your animal. I don’t call myself a trainer intentionally. If anything I am a un-trainer, as in “un-schooling”, a new trend in education that helps us unlearn so many ways we have been unconsciously conditioned and domesticated by the ways we think we are supposed to be learning. I invite you to expand your world by harmonizing the common ground you and your companion animal share!

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As each person, home, and animal is unique to themselves, every animal care situation (overnight house sit and/or other care needed) and the needs and sensitivities associated with it are also unique.

My minimum is 40.– per calendar day.* This fee may change depending on the needs and number of animals I will be attending to, loving up, and supporting while you are away. Please talk with me about your needs & any existing budget.

*I charge per day, rather than per overnight; so as an example, one overnight, unless otherwise discussed up front, will be 80.– and if you will be away three days – two nights, my minimum charge will be 120.- .

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I travel with my canine companion, Blue, a very dog/cat/horse-friendly Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog), who is also quiet and respectful of other people’s homes. For specific inquiries and/or a ‘meet and greet’ introduction at your home to see if I am the right house sitter for you, please call or email. 

Blue smelling the flowers… May 2015; San Cristobal, NM

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~ Communing With Animals Blog posts ~

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