Communing With Animals

Communing with animals is a natural part of my day and walk with life and upon this earth. Inter-species being and relating and thus, communing and communicating. I began offering support for others in 2011 in their engaged and conscious walks with animals, their companion animals as well as wild animals or other creatures that cross their paths or whom they are supporting or caring for.

Blue ~ collaborator and companion (beloved Blue RIP)

I work directly with animals and their humans, as well as share my perspectives through my writing on the Relational Conversation between species and in knowing ourselves as engaged awareness.

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Human Design Consulting

My Design: MMAI bodygraph

Human Design is at the heart of how I see the world and living as myself in a radical way, as a process of emerging and blossoming as a unique self-reflected consciousness in this 9-centered life. Since 2008, I have been teaching HD through facilitation of small groups, as well as in my work one on one with individuals. This primarily experiential process can assist all of us in understanding ourselves more profoundly, but also in deeping their theoretical and classic knowledge of the Human Design System (revealed in 1987, founded by Ra Uru Hu). I mentor individuals who are studying HD theoretically, as well as those who are engaged experientially in the de-conditioning process of living their design.

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Zero Point Collaborative: Support thru Affinity

I have been an artist, cultural creative, and writer most of my life. I did graduate work in the fine arts in the late 80s, have an MFA, and have taught fine arts academically and also in schools with children.

“A Natural Dialogue” sculpture by Janice Sandeen, 1994

I have also studied whole systems deeply, especially through the ethical system and principles of Permaculture. It is a very rich process for me to support other creatives, writers, and small business owners / entrepreneurs who have an affinity for or feel a resonance with whole systems perspectives.

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P e r s p e c t i v e

Vast skies of Taos, NM looking west towards the Rio Grande Gorge – photograph by Janice Sandeen

“So forget ideologies, they betray, they limit, they lead astray. Just deal with the raw data and trust yourself. Nobody is smarter than you are. And what if they are? What good is their understanding doing you?”

~ Terence McKenna
Light of the Third Millennium, 1997


There is a diversity of ways that I support others in their essential life process.

Giving readings, facilitating study groups, and support for others in living as themselves with the Human Design system.

Practical seeing and relating directly via awareness work with people and their companion animals: Communing With Animals.

Through Zero Point Collaborative, I work with creatives, writers, and entrepreneurs to be the most vibrant version of themselves in their businesses or other passions.



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