Zero Point Collaborative

Zero Point Collaborative is an interactive, awareness-based collaborative field, which beautifully supports practical and down-to-earth projects and all creative living expressions. The zero point field is free of agenda and is naturally expansive such that consciously collaborating with this field clarifies intentions, enriches creative pursuits, dissipates obstacles within business or personal relationships, and opens new insights and wisdom inherent in our material & physical realms, including the body.


Sketch/visualization of the zero point field. Pen on acid-free rag paper, 8.25″ x 16.5″, 2011


Collaborative artwork project with Green Impact; San Francisco Bay Area

I facilitate collaborations with writers, artists, filmmakers, performers, and other creatives. Our collaboration allows for creative enrichment, natural maturing of the form, medium, or genre you work with such that your gifts blossom, your reach is enlivened, and the heart of your unique signature is free to be expressed.

Support & collaborations include:
Visual arts
Movement & body expression
Sound & music productions

Whether it’s finding ways to communicate what you do more effectively, initiate interaction with your audiences, or integrate personal integrity and vision into your business model, Zero Point Collaborative heightens vitality and increases flow through every level of your business or entrepreneurial vision.
Projects include:
Website upgrades & design
Business flows & expanded reach
Creative thinking
Not just for business or external projects, Zero Point Collaborative opens the way to internal ease and grounding, emotional versatility, along with spiritual and intellectual clarity. It is less like “work”, more like dissolving or removing veils that have covered over our natural intelligence. Beliefs and conceptualizations are naturally fine tuned or released when no longer serving our growth and expansion.
Personal facilitated collaborations with:
Enhancing body wisdom
Allowing out-of-ordinary consciousness
Delving into deep wisdom
Releasing outworn conceptualizations or beliefs
Zero Point Collaborative is extremely effective when applied to relationships with other people, as well as animals in your life. Our collaboration will seed new understandings, practical approaches for communicating (listening, seeing, voicing, discerning), and mutually respectful ways of interacting with those you love or work with.
Relaxed engaging with others in your life will:
Defuse or eliminate existing dynamics
Improve trust
Open mutual communication
Clear negative feelings
• •
• • •

Facilitated collaborations:

With the familiarity I have engaging the zero point field, our collaboration will introduce you to the way or ways you are already naturally accessing this vital intelligence and responsive awareness.
I am inspired to work with you!
Simply bring what it is that you are most invested in or engaged with in your life and our work together will naturally ground your project or personal work in zero point field. The feel of this grounding is similar to the physical body being floated in a mineral salts saturated pool of water. Anything that fetters dissolves or slips away.
Resistance neutralizes during the course of our facilitated collaboration or session and continues well after the time we meet and converse. New avenues of creativity and possibilities open up, either in your projects or as refreshed thinking and seeing. Ease is one of the primary outcomes of engaging the zero point field. In this way, Zero Point Collaborative sessions provide a direct experience of your own powerfully unfettered nature.
• •

I work directly with the Seen and Unseen as active elements or participants in the evolution of What Is as we collaborate.




:: ZPC Origins & Misson ::

Zero Point Collaborative both informs and emerges out of my native impulse to dialogue/converse with, to embrace and recognize, to honor and encourage the fullest spectrum being of the individual, group, or business endeavor that I am relating and collaborating with. We relate within a new level of awareness or we activate, together, a process of cultivating new ways of entering different levels of awareness than those that we might lean to out of habit or familiarity.

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1 thought on “Zero Point Collaborative

  1. literarylew

    This “non-duality” is the most important discovery I’ve made in my life. Or, actually, it is a “re-discovery” as I shared earlier with you. Early in my childhood I “swam” in a world of ambiguity, amorphousness, and fluidity. “She” is coming back to me. Bless you, my friend.

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