Communing With Animals

~ Direct, practical ways to harmonize with your companion animals with Janice Sandeen

MY INTENT:  In partnership with you, I reveal practical insights and empowered direction to support a more relaxed and thriving relational conversation between your animal(s), you, and the environments you share. I assist with opening new understanding and perception in such a way that it becomes possible to leave behind modes of relating that no longer serve you or our beloved animals.

Sweet Pea and Janice and Blue

An interactive consultation with Janice naturally neutralizes opposites that bring unnecessary polarization (i.e. stress) between you and your companion animal or any other relational or environmental situation.

I also offer HOUSE SITTING:  I offer exceptional, loving, and dynamic in-home support with all kinds of animals while their people are away. I am also available for taking your dog(s) for hikes or other outings, when needed.
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Our Story :: how did Communing With Animals come to be?

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How may I serve you and the animals in your life?

Foraging goats, Reina and Loretta ~ Lagunitas, CA

Some satisfied canine companions:


Sego in Eagle Creek ~ Ketchum, ID 2013

Adams Gulch loop trail ~ 11/4 ~ 6

Mara on Adam’s Gulch loop trail ~ Ketchum, ID 2012

Off leash w/Wyatt, Avery, and Bandit on ridge trail fire road ~ Woodacre, CA 2012

Off leash w/Wyatt, Avery, and Bandit on ridge trail fire road ~ Woodacre, CA 2012

Avery ~ Woodacre, CA 2012

Wyatt ~ Woodacre, CA 2012

Bandit ~ Woodacre, CA 2012

Dazy ~ Atop Loma Alta looking into San Geronimo Valley, CA 2012

Chance ~ Roy’s Redwoods, San Geronimo, CA 2011

And, of course, our feline friends:


Willow ~ Ketchum, ID 2012


Sage ~ Ketchum, ID 2012

Whitney ~ Woodacre, CA 2012

Whitney ~ Woodacre, CA 2012

Ketzel in action ~ Woodacre, CA 2012

Max at home ~ Lagunitas, CA 2009

Millie ~ Recently adopted! ~ Woodacre, CA 2012

Zen ~ Forest Knolls, CA 2012

7 thoughts on “Communing With Animals

    1. janicesandeen Post author

      Thanks, Anne, for taking another look at my site, specifically my animal work. I really appreciate your seeing and encouragement! I have a sense that one of the most interesting areas where our experiences as humans is shifting, in relation to our consciousness and awareness, is where we engage with animals! I’m really enjoying this work!


        1. janicesandeen Post author

          Hi Anne, I just noticed a typo in my reply to your initial comment, so thanks again for replying, as that’s when I noticed the typo. I changed ‘your consciousness’ to ‘our consciousness!’




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