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Janice Sandeen Rave Chart

As seen in this Human Design bodygraph, the basic aspects of Janice’s design are:  6/2 Generator, Emotional Inner Authority (Solar Plexus), Triple Split Definition, Left Angle Cross of the Alpha

• • •

The Human Design System is a unique, revealed science of the nature of forms, specifically the human form. As we move and interact energetically with others, live and breathe within the innate intelligence of the life force, we can ‘flower’ or become aware within our unique consciousness. We are nine-centered beings, however we are often still living as if we were similarly evolved as our seven-centered ancestors (those born prior to 1781), not as our potential selves.

Each one of us has their personal nine-centered Bodygraph, which, when read or decoded, provides essential keys to the way one can interact with their body’s life intelligence to have a ready possibility of making authentic decisions. These authentic decisions then serve to open out the interactions with others and the world in a reliable and true way for that specific person such that living in this way has the potential of eliminating resistance in one’s life, directly experiencing one’s true potential as a Nine Centered Being.

When I met myself through Human Design, so much in my life changed in profound ways positively, energetically, and in how I listened to and heard my innate intelligence and life force wisdom.

~ Janice Sandeen, a student of the Human Design System since 2005

I am a natural guide for both the newly interested or deeply engaged in their own HD experiment of living from their true nature. I have a strong grounding in the theoretical, as well as the esoteric knowledge of Human Design with a primary focus or calling in the direct experience of living one’s design –the experiential or lived out application of Human Design.

I primarily oriented within the system of ‘classic’ Human Design and have also worked with Integral Human Design (see my IHD chart below). The Gene Keys is another beautiful compliment to Human Design, focusing on Shadow aspects, the Gift, and the highest potential or Siddhi (see my Hologenetic Profile bottom) of that which is unique to each of us through our BodyGraphs.

Each of these distinct but related systems have their own specific contribution to the ongoing human evolutionary journey, as well as to the process of recognizing the difference between the conditioned or limited self and the resonance or frequency of true or ‘native’ self. If you are drawn to working with me, we can work with any one of these systems alone or we can interweave their gifts and influences, if you are drawn to more than one of these systems.

It is my honor and pleasure to support you wherever you are in your own exploration of self and other. Please click here to read about the range of different types of readings I offer or here to contact me to inquire further or to book a reading or mentoring session.

:: Mentoring & Consulting Testimonials ::


My Integral Human Design Chart ~ click for expanded view

I’ve had numerous HD readings from Janice over the last 3 years and I highly recommend that you call her for yours! Each of her readings has given me much clarity and groundedness regarding major areas of my life. The information Janice provides is very useful on a core level and I have found that implementing it greatly reduces my stress, confusion, and uncertainty. 

Janice’s HD readings have enabled me to make decisions that are much more in alignment with who I really am despite decades of indoctrination and those decisions have reaped very positive outcomes in my life that might not have come to fruition otherwise. Give yourself the gift of a Human Design reading with Janice Sandeen! ~ Elizabeth Brownrigg, artist/designer/Clairvoyant/retreat owner; Taos, NM

~ ~ ~

I have found Janice to be a warm, brilliant and generous guide to helping me not only understand and live more fully as myself, but also to step into sharing Human Design with my clients. Janice has beautifully modeled how to engage experientially with Human Design as a lived knowing while also guiding me to deeper levels of understanding of the Human Design system.

I appreciate that she brings the fullness of herself to our mentoring sessions — her humor, her poetic gifts of language, her genuine care, her trust in the flow of conversation, the vast depth of her own penetration from studying and living Human Design. I feel so grateful for all I have received from Janice — both for myself and also for what I can now share with my clients.

I appreciate that she has mentored me in a fluid and responsive way — allowing the conversation and my learning to unfold in a way that has felt natural, intuitive and supportive for where my questions and learning edge were at the moment. Janice is a treasure. ~ Shannon Jackson Arnold, Bloom into healing, hope, and happiness

~ ~ ~

I really appreciated the powerful reading and have had opportunity to experiment with it. Feeling guided by some inner strength. ~ Max Aaron Christeaan, amazing human

~ ~ ~

Janice Sandeen provided one of the most intelligent, grounded and clearly articulate readings that I’ve ever had the good fortune to receive. Her ability to reach in and across and through the vast oceanic spectrum of an individual’s chart is impressive. It has changed my life and opened up new ways of interpreting my experience both personally and interpersonally. Janice’s blend of skill, wisdom and instinct are a rare blend that can bring an authentic and generative power into an interactive reading or consultation. Janice is Magik (no kidding!)  ~ Rachel Levy-Bencheton, inspired artist & former Land Steward at Spirit Rock Meditation Center

~ ~ ~

I have worked with Janice in multiple sessions and felt that every minute was totally worth it. She works from a place of real authenticity. She has helped me embody my own true nature so that I am now better able to hear and speak my own truth and live my life in a manner that is manifesting my authentic self. I am very grateful to her for her offerings. ~ Sophie Clark, L Ac.

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My Hologenetic Profile or Golden Path, from ~ click for expanded view


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