a mini professional bio ~ life being life

Janice August:September 2016

2016 out on the Mesa, Taos, NM – facing East

Professionally I offer Human Design consultations and spontaneous intros to the Human Design system. Another deep passion of mine is my consulting work related to people and their companion animals, which is called Communing With Animals. I mostly meet with people and their animals in person and in their shared physical environments, so that work happens in the general vicinity where I happen to be living or staying.

Zero Point Collaborative is my most recent livelihood addition (2016). ZPC offers a multi-fold way of seeing and interacting within the fabric of consciousness and the world we live in. Zero Point Collaborative recognizes each element (person, place, energy, livelihood, passion) as a key participant or contributor to the receptive, interactive field of intelligence and vitality of Life Being Life.

I am open and available to interact professionally as well as through affinity conversations. I look forward to seeing in what ways I might be able to support you in your life, physical environments, and relationships ~ human and other than human alike.

Blessings and thank you for your visit here.


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