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Janice modeling how to re-direct the brain w/ smell/treat ~ Joya and Coby (photos – Marcia Ganeles-Kisilik)

Getting awesome animal consultations from Janice, who’s been working with our two rescue dogs, Joya deVivre & Coby-san. Janice is quite wise in her understanding and relationship with the doggies, and she’s extremely articulate in modeling effective people/dog connection. We look forward to her next visit.

~  Marcia Ganeles-Kislik ~ The-Eco-NEST Organic, Sustainable Green Travel Retreat

• • •

I first met Janice when I was out on a walk with my dog. I took Dennis out into a snowy field to avoid an unpleasant interaction because my dog used to pull and lunge toward other dogs when he was on the leash and Janice was walking down the road with her dog Blue. 

Although I was way out in the field, Dennis who weighs 90 pounds still pulled me down into the snow, as I was trying to stop him from lunging toward Blue. Janice and I were able to talk a bit over the commotion and she told me she works helping people and dogs communicate better.

Dennis with his ball cropped

Dennis with his ball

Dennis and I have met with Janice several times over the past months. We have walked together and practiced working with Dennis when he is approached by other dogs. To my amazement, the very core of my relationship with Dennis has been impacted in a profound way through our work with Janice.

She has given me practical techniques for working with Dennis in high stress situations, including using the leash in a different way and getting his attention to me when he is distracted by another dog, person or squirrel. As a result, the whole nature of my walks with Dennis has changed. Rather than pulling me, Dennis now walks beside me and is even able to walk calmly off the leash quite often. When we pass by another dog, I know how to give Dennis a gentle, but firm physical touch to remind him to pay attention to my directions.

Just as important as the physical techniques, Janice has introduced me to new ways of thinking about my relationship with Dennis and how we communicate and make agreements on working together. For instance, I no longer see Dennis as “misbehaving.” I see that he is acting out of some deep desire to protect me and himself when we are approached by another dog. I feel I am more able to see the situation from his perspective as animal, dog, Belgian Malinois, and Dennis. I find that there is a stronger and more loving connection between us now.

Of course, there are set backs, but now when something goes wrong, I know that I will be able to address it in a positive way, using the knowledge I’ve gained from working with Janice. It has truly been a life-changing experience for me. I worry so much less about the trouble that Dennis might cause. He seems very aware of my state of my mind and also more relaxed as a result.

~ Cindy Brown, New Mexico 2017

• • •

Avery, Wyatt, and Bandit ~ along the way on a hot day trip; Marin County, CA 2012

Avery, Wyatt, and Bandit ~ along the way on a hot day trip; Woodacre, CA 2012

Janice has been taking care of the dawgs when we have been away this summer. Its the first time in a long time I have been able to relax on vacation and know they were all getting as much if not more love and care then I give them. I highly recommend her if you have any animal related needs.  

~ Sarah Starbird, Woodacre, CA

• • •

Leilani, San Anselmo, CA 2012


Janice spent a week with my husky dog Leilani and our two cats, Bombadil and Karma. I implicitly trust her with our furry friends like no other animal sitter we have had before. She has a way of connecting and communicating with them that brought to light new perspectives that I had not seen within my own relationship to them.

My husky dog is a sweet spirit but a bit of a complicated case as she was most likely abused in her past life (before I adopted her) and I saw Janice forge a relationship with her that was both healing and profound. After her time spent with Leilani, Janice had insights to her character which allowed me to understand my sweet canine friend on a deeper level… I highly recommend Janice for the care of your furry friends!  

~ Tara Coyote ~ Wind Horse Sanctuary, Grass Valley, CA

Zen ~ Forest Knolls, CA 2012

• • •

Janice takes care of our cat when we are out of town. I know that when she stays in our home that Zen receives more than food and water. Janice is more than a cat sitter, she is a companion who connects with him in ways that I myself do not always manage. I recommend her highly.

~ Aninha Esperanza Ph.D

• • •

Janice got to know my handsome orange male tabby cat, Ketzel, the first summer I lived in Woodacre, when she stayed with us. Ketzel had spent much of the last 10 years under the covers of my bed for 8-12 hours/day, remnants of PTSD acquired around a situation with a previous house sitter when I left for a month once.

Ketzel ~ Woodacre, CA 2012

Janice tuned into Ketzel when she was here in a special way. She would get down on the rug and play with him and I don’t know what sweet nothings she whispered to him but he started coming out from under the covers and hanging out more. Then he started venturing outside in the daylight – something he previously only did under the cover of darkness!  He was breaking years of patterning and his whole demeanor became more relaxed and he seemed much less fearful.

Now when Janice stays with him or comes by and feeds him when we go away, we come home and he is lounging on the couch or sleeping under the table.  He loves Janice and she has clearly facilitated some deep healing for him. This makes me SO happy I want to enthusiastically recommend Janice as someone remarkably tuned in to animals. 

Janice is a fantastic house-sitter as well as she keeps an eye on everything and if something unexpected happens, she handles it with competency and integrity.

~ Rusty Cady, singer, songwriter ~ Wild Mustard


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