What people are sharing :: Facilitated collaborations with Janice & Zero Point Collaborative

:: Testimonials ::

Creative collaboration: “I prize my collaborations with Janice Sandeen. With her, I can rely on being surprised, altered and then coaxed into new ways—new levels—of thinking, feeling and perceiving. The creative manifestations I discover in partnership with Janice are among the most deeply realized creations I’ve found.
~ Daniel Ari, the INLAID EAR, Richmond, CA

Writing & editing collaboration: “… I was asked to write a 5,000 word minimum chapter about ‘Faith and Illness’. It was a bit daunting to expand my writing skills to a piece that long. I immediately reached out for assistance to a dear friend of mine, Janice Sandeen, who magically weaves words with grammatical skill beyond my ability.

Janice skillfully guided me through a joyful and painstaking journey of sticking with the editing process. Thirty pages of editing! Yes, it took some perseverance, patience and grit to say the least. Through the process of creating an outline, typing endless words and explaining why FAITH has been such an intricate part of my healing journey, I learned valuable skills about voicing my heart in a clear and concise manner.

Thank you Janice for your impeccable talent, dedication to the project, patience, sharing your writing wisdom and midwifing me through my crazy long chapter! (At completion it ended up being 7,000 words!) If you are looking for editing help, I highly recommend Janice! She is a gem!  ” 

~ Tara Coyote, Cancer Warrioress, Nevada City, CA

Website update collaboration: “Working with Janice was just what we needed: she was able to professionally update our entire website from template to copy to cross links. After gaining an understanding of our mission as an organization and vision for the website over the phone, she independently handled most of the editing, selecting photos from a shared photo folder and crafting copy where needed from facts and figures I also shared with her. Janice was efficient, intuitive and a great source of relief during a busy business growth spurt!  We highly recommend working with her.” ~ Juliana and Tejinder Ciano, ReunityResources.com, Santa Fe, NM
Collaboration with personal work:  “I value my zero point field session from a few weeks ago with Janice, in person. I have been applying the affirmation [that I created in my session] in many creative ways. Had a great breakthrough for work and finances.
“…thank you, and I hope many other people come to you for a session!” 
~ Claire, Taos, NM

Collaborative sessions around personal and interpersonal work:I’ve given myself some time to reflect upon the qualities of attention that arose since my session with Janice. First of all, I encourage anyone reading this to check out the energy of Zero Point Collaborative and see what Janice has to offer. It can be amazingly catalytic.

“Secondly, since our meeting, I’ve been musing upon qualities that normally we don’t put words to. The easiest explanation is an awareness of doors opening in “my psyche” that were previously filled up with self-knowing.”

Max Aaron, Asheville, NC


Pen & ink drawing on acid-free rag paper by Janice Sandeen, from One Way to Ask by Daniel Ari (Norfolk Press, 2016).

:: Zero Point Collaborative Origins & Misson ::

Zero Point Collaborative both informs and emerges out of my native impulse to dialogue/converse with, to embrace and recognize, to honor and encourage the fullest spectrum being of the individual, group, or business endeavor that I am relating and collaborating with. We relate within a new level of awareness or we activate, together, a process of cultivating new ways of entering different levels of awareness than those that we might lean to out of habit or familiarity.

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