Communing With Animals ~ our story

Max and Janice

Max and Janice (of Communing With Animals)  ~ Fairfax, CA 2006

Communing with animals is second nature for me and has been as long as I can remember. This sensitivity, when shared directly, ultimately serves both animals and their humans through deeper relaxation and connection through the felt sense and each ones’ unique innate intelligence. I have found myself being called on to assist essentially as an interpreter between animals and their humans ~ something I have absolutely come to love. (See more about my consultations by clicking here.)

Janice with Mac, four month old Irish Setter, Porter, ME 2012

What has naturally followed is that I also serve as someone who tends to the needs of animals while their people are away for an extended period or have a very full daily schedule. I have a wide range of experience including taking care of a herd of thirty-seven cashmere goats and their companion/guardian dog, horses, elderly cats and boisterous kittens, puppies, small and large dogs, as well as up to three dogs in one household. I’ve also taken care of chickens, rabbits, domesticated rodents, fish, turtles, wild birds (of course!), as well as various mixed animal households.

While in people’s homes, I bring a deep caring, friendliness, and sensitivity to the animals, plants, as well as the home environment, such that people feel at peace when they go away and their home has a beautifully taken care of feel and harmonious energy upon their return. I look forward to working with new animals and their people, in whatever combination of needs and types of animals that need care and tending to. (I began house sitting professionally in 2011 in Marin County, CA.)


Blue and friend in high mountain meadow in San Cristobal, NM ~ July 2015