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Keeping Still

You, you hold a mirror

watch the slight presence

–breath on the surface

Movement occurs again

and again within stillness


I, I see the dance

the dancing partners

I, I – you, you – we, we

leaning in, giving way

leaning in, holding


Movement, motion is

–no disturbance

while All arises

stillness dancing

of surface and within

Mountain, mountain reflects

Instead of twisting

and spinning in circles

trying to grasp

your self, keep still*


*quote from Hilary Barrett ~ I’Ching Hexagram 52, Stilling


What will it take

this journey that is already fulfilled –complete –honored

what will it take to begin this journey

as if there is no end


And what will it take

to live within each step

as if the placing of these feet

on hard or soft or bogged or bright ground


somehow will right me –restore me –save me

from what I am and am not

as if there is a confusion there

carried through these eons of loss and gravitation


There is None No-one who says

what can be done or not done

There is no one marking the way

not as yet as I can see


And yet there is an encounter

something real and palpable

and perhaps mistaken for real

–the light can cast in myriad of ways


In the mists veiling my own Silence

words curl around the nooks

of my bones and flesh –lighting down

making a landing, offering solace


These words here now –parched –dry

picked up as breadcrumbs

but it is simply unknown who or what

left them here –was it me? –was it You?


This quandary calls out the insight

the timeless continuity of All That Is

what comes before when there is no beginning

and in no end –what conclusions might arise?


Taking it off –taking it on

covering and uncovering

placing and wait as grace returns

Emanating Silence –this brilliance like no other

Falling Through and Between

The cracks have been opening up –here there and underneath

what used to be on top –like cracks in a hard crust of soil

once baked by light, deluged with raindrops, more light


These soils are a community of their own

sometimes thirsty sometimes paused in reflection

such that growing things are made temporarily mystified


Would it be that something elemental is missing

Or amongst all the bystanders perhaps readily available

like implicit memory waking up giving signals of many orders


The dance is moving so quickly, agile or not, positron wave

falling through and between perception in pure fluid motion

bridges created as life itself, timeless free fall, magnitude of silence

“Throw Me a Line”

I will throw you a line

if you ask, beg, and plead


For that one you implore

is not only that which is

you/me/no other – us both!


So I am not helping you

out of lack or distinction or

tacit agreement that somehow

you are flawed or lost


But through earnestness

of that which we are both


And in that way, the very line

that I throw to you

upon finding your way

will simply dissolve in hand


As that hand is found to

no longer belong to any

other than Who You Are

What We Are seamlessly


You have thrown yourself

that very line that somehow

seemed unavoidably to come

from “The Other Not You”


And in that aggrandizing

how strange but true

you have increased your own

stead, but that very place

is none other than the All


Can you not see, but no worries

if the answer is “No” for the no

and the yes co-abide, the yes

seeming to throw its line to the no

and the no seeming to grab ahold


And in their meeting, both certainties

of self limitation dissolve in union


This Union that is no more deliberate

than exiting from the hall of mirrors

after having had our fun, our pleasure

casting shadows, shapes, and distortions


“Throw me a line,” you say,

and I will not refuse to play

in that sacred hall of mirrors

I say, “Throw me a line!”

~ thank you to the Gene Keys community online, friends near and far, visible and invisible
p.s. please click through to the above linked image “hall of mirrors”… did not want to publish a photo that I don’t have permission for, so it’s waiting there for you online on its home site 🙂

Crowning Glory

I step out barely
— into the sky as
the crowning glory
of all things myself
and not myself

For I find myself
within and between
and without these
wings, one of not
and one of all

Frighteningly so
at first but the lift
gathers and throws
me into the vastness
of this blue ocean

Learning to swim
in the sky of my Being
and not run or flee
but fly as I am
— crowning glory

My roots are freed
riding the currents
along with all that
once fettered me
when I looked down

Meeting these fresh
forces –alighting like
quantum treasures of
that which we Are
sharing now this Crack

Into that fabric of plane
existence shocking me
free of that pondering
wasteland –all that binds
and frets now scours forth

A Song of the unfolded
mystery of the most plain,
dry only of sorrows once
passed over and now
absorbed, dancing as Lift

Within and beneath
these transparent wings
blue as the sky clear as
diamonds polished by
the heart of hearts once
and only always free

Interest and Identity and the 41st Codon

We start anew today, January 22nd, somewhat differently today than other days, as the Sun shifted into the 41st codon or hexagram at 7:19am pacific time. The Sun will stay within the 41st hexagram through this Friday, January 27th. Of course, we start anew each day, with each breath, and in each moment, as we are vibration and physical beings alike. In that, there is something unique to recognize about our DNA as genetic beings in physical form, that form and vibration have an essential relationship with what codes it, shapes it or as such, ‘interferes’ with it in some way.

The message or code of atg, which is the unique set of bases or building blocks that make up the start code, is carried by the 41st gate or gene key. Whether encountered from the outside or the inside, it is this start code that initiates a new cycle somewhere within the living vibration of form and innate intelligence. And yet there are so many kind of ‘starts’ and ‘stops’. What is it that perceives that which initiates the new cycle? And what gets in the way of that perception, if anything?

I carry this 41st start codon or initiator as my personality Sun. I’m speculating here, but I may serve unbeknownst to me to initiate a new cycle for those around me simply by sharing space in aura with others. I do know that I’ve often ‘tuned in’ to what is on its way or about to emerge and have too often gotten that seeing mixed up with my identity and personal interest: a very common presumption of the self that everything we perceive has something to do with ‘me’.  In a live satsang with Mooji that I attended via the internet, my attention was pointed to this as he spoke of the role of interest and identity in fueling the suffering of the self.

Similarly, The Genetic Wheel of Samsara is how Richard Rudd titles his discussion on the shadow aspect ~ Fantasy ~ of the 41st gene key. Carrying this gate/gene key in the way I do also has a very specific and deep life lesson for me. I am in the midst, now, of exploring and surrendering to this life labyrinth. I really have very little idea of how…

• • •

Now on January 26th, I see I left this post with a dangling sentence, an open ended phrase anticipating what was to come, perhaps. Anticipation is the gift that emerges out of the shadow of fantasy. Something needs to be open to what is yet to come to perceive what is in emergence. And what was coming for me upon writing this post was another example of how I experience the life process ‘exploring into’ what is coming, even when I am identified with confusion or not seeing clearly.

In other words, life seems to answer my own queries, my wondering towards or into something. Or is it that there is something that perceives what is before that perception, as it exists on the plane of relative consciousness? In the next few days from writing the earlier part of this post, I certainly was shown in a very clear way how Fantasy and it’s link to suffering in my life found an anchor into my matrix many, many years ago.

This post is not about the realization that ensued over the last few days, as I am not called to unfold that here now. I did wish to point to something, however. What I do feel is that there is a weaving in and out of many layers and currents of experience, awareness, and perception, which make up the tapestry or fabric of what might be called writing. I feel satisfaction in the process of writing, but often do not see the end product while writing or even if there is an end product, such that I could take it off my ‘loom’ and place it into a stream of shared consciousness.

I do sense that that role of weaving something of any number of different expressions is a natural role for me. While ‘identity’ and ‘interest in’ are in the mix, these expressions take on a different feel, the colors mixed, the shapes indistinct, the content confusing. I, likely, stay in a fantasy or belief in the self who suffers when I bring my unchecked identities such that the expression is weighed down by interest in the false self.

I have seen, even, how this capacity to feel into what is coming, what is emerging, has gotten tangled in my own notions and attachments of self as I was mentioning earlier, such that Clear Seeing seems to be clouded. Then separation into ‘self and other’ is fueled through identity with self/suffering and interest or stake in that separation becomes what is seen instead.

Yet Clear Seeing is always here/there, nothing can cloud it as it is, It Is All Things. Thus the dance of and the wrestle with self, self-identified and all, is Pure ultimately and can serve as the Teacher just in that truth. The Self holds all and is without conditions. Confusion released within the All is Illumination, fantasy of the self transmuted or released ‘back into’ Self and Self including all Emanates Self.

Here’s to the beginning of a new cycle and All that is held within it.