Keeping Still

You, you hold a mirror

watch the slight presence

–breath on the surface

Movement occurs again

and again within stillness


I, I see the dance

the dancing partners

I, I – you, you – we, we

leaning in, giving way

leaning in, holding


Movement, motion is

–no disturbance

while All arises

stillness dancing

of surface and within

Mountain, mountain reflects

Instead of twisting

and spinning in circles

trying to grasp

your self, keep still*


*quote from Hilary Barrett ~ I’Ching Hexagram 52, Stilling

2 thoughts on “Keeping Still

  1. vange sandeen

    There is so much beauty in the “stillness”, It’s good to pause and embrace You have a real gift to express in words, feelings that don’t always get expressed. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. janicesandeen Post author

      Your comments are very appreciated! And I concur, there is beauty in stillness. The poetry emerges as a kind of expressed feeling; feeling is that which we each have access to and can express. It’s in the waiting, waiting in stillness and the word is simply one portal to that! Thanks so much for your comments, Vange!




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