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event horizon

as i sit to write i source the event horizon of what emerges

just enough to gather the energy into expression and

i discover there are images there instead of words

there are moving energies in my heart of hearts

that simply don’t want to be put into words

left to the pure beauty of the energy

itself breathing arising alighting

within my awareness

and sourcing

itself as





causal reply

i hear the instruction of sound

the layers, the depths, the information

the density carried in aural waves

mundane sounds become high teachings

the nature of that which is arising

all things in motion creating sound

every particulate moves in some fashion

of its own in causal reply to another

you who have spoken to me

are now part of this poem

i am nothing but sound

i am everything of sound

interpenetrating, vast, infinite and finite both

more subtle than matter yet

primary, ground, base, core

this carrier of information, prime

communicator, speaking to all that is

ever present, overlooked, overheard

without intent, conveyor and purveyor

simultaneously of energy sensory wakening

my heart breathes in this vibrant matrix

how often have i shadowed myself

not having pause in the listen

the subtleties feeding, nourishing,

potentializing the deeper still within

listening even now  the pulsing of life

i heard the other day that all sound

originates from the first sound ever

that all sound carries with it  even now

primordial matter   the event of which we are