event horizon

as i sit to write i source the event horizon of what emerges

just enough to gather the energy into expression and

i discover there are images there instead of words

there are moving energies in my heart of hearts

that simply don’t want to be put into words

left to the pure beauty of the energy

itself breathing arising alighting

within my awareness

and sourcing

itself as





3 thoughts on “event horizon

  1. janicesandeen Post author

    this poem shaped itself into an image! ha! i was the observer of this phenomenon as i allowed the expression its own flow and form. i found myself knowingly participating in its sweet completion at about line six or seven… i am touched and in awe of the process of getting out of the way when an expression is ready to come through! blessings to all and thanks for reading. mwah!


  2. mark mckenna

    A neat poem that puts into words what comes before language, always a tricky thing to do. On a retreat once I was doing walking meditation and seeing a rock with green moss, and I was able to see it without “green” or “moss” appearing, just as it was.

    In other news. The website above is for my book which is getting closer…and I’m leaving Portland for NY to take care of my mother. Will be in Marin for a week or so starting next Sunday, with a big truck named…..Penske, or nothing, depending. m


    1. janicesandeen Post author

      hey mark,
      nice to hear from you! thank you for sharing your insights both on writing and seeing. would you like to give me a call when you are here next week? if you have time, it would be fun to see you.

      also, just as a synchronicity, i looked for info on the ho’oponopono practice online today and found this very cool interview with Dr Hew Len. He seems to talk about something that i experienced in writing my poem and in what you shared about seeing the rock on your retreat. wanna check it out?

      blessings, janice




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