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This One



This one  showing up

Rises on the view

Looking out over open horizons

Curious and curiouser

And I, what is I am, watching


I stand in your company

The stories pour and pour

Forth that great big vessel

Of a heart uncontainable

But wishing to be contained


Who has the story or does

The story have us intermingled

Woven in and out of the weft

Of being thread of becoming

Such a delicate thread it is


However it is  it is a gift of

Heart of love of seeing

Beauty speaks through these

Strings strum simultaneously

Tremolo sostenuto entangle


Trust Fortitude Misfortune Joy

All gather ’round the table

Made just for these and Two

Others autonomous resplendent

Everything celebrates This One


“Will you let me love you?”  Awry

The question shines like a diamond

Many faceted and subtle in its stark

Beauty because Love has no bounds

And knows this source from its core


No permission is needed as What Is

Is simply What Is ~ how many times

Does saying that make it so? It seems

Easier to speak the unspeakable

Than freeing that which is Unbound


from the shadows

this morning   it felt better to sleep   and to stay asleep

yet as the moment came to awaken

my heart    found rest     in the shadow light

and the dormancy within    had a new voice

the body calibrated for the light   of day

while the heart in wait   exploring opening with

the shadows all around and layered through

now   shadows welcomed and resting

the softness   calming nourishing inside

deep in shadows i am   like you   like we

but tasted on the tongue   as clear medicine

takes a whole other pause   breathing into

surrendering to the weight and the lightness

of the mastery of what is held   complete   within