Living questions 


morning footstream with wild plums

20 May 2016 ~ My walk this morning was a natural inquiry, one that happened gently on its own. Sometimes contemplations are like that, as they gently arise from the font of one’s inner life. I find that as I set my body into motion as I walk with my dog this morning, that there is another stream there, an inner world that has its own unique ecology and resilience.

This morning it showed itself, it spoke its emanation through the flow of movement in my body in a connection with the land. This question came unbidden: can we ask questions, to just ourselves, that are a potent elixir or personal medicine?

These would be questions that invoke and/or invigorate are natural resilience, as well as deep primordial intelligence, which is our own birth right and rite. These questions would also bring out our discernment, as in our own immunity, a natural listening and dialoguing aspect of our living, breathing being, the life force and life streams.

So what kind of questions are these specific or unique kind of questions? My sense is that they come from life itself as sacred neutral and can only be answered as a direct experience not a linear conceptual process. The “answer”, to these kind of questions, would be similar to the germination of a seed ~ it’s an event that presupposes the entire emanation of a new form, expression, and/or life process.

This germination within also wakes us up to our current state of affairs i.e. what our own fertility happens to be at that time. To use a metaphor, what kind of soils community “are” we essentially? What spectrum of organic matter and microorganisms, and mycelium are present and able to stimulate new kinds of growth, nourishment, and regeneration within all aspects of ourselves?

Are we even resting or able to rest, in the sense of –is the living being, which we are individually, so ensconced in outside things and concepts (not direct experience) that there is a primary experience of stress thus no real rest able to happen?

We’ve all seen stressed land, soils lifted by the slightest winds and scattered -or- what seems like crowded, chaotic or “weedy” growth. And in the extreme, deep erosion or the converse when left over or discarded items accumulate a kind of neglect or strain on the spirit of that place.

• • •

6 June 2016 ~ I’ve now let this written contemplation sit in pause, allowing it (and myself) to steep in a brief fallow period. Interestingly enough, when I first started “penning” this contemplation, I was writing it out on my handheld device on the WordPress app. I had somehow touched the screen and ended up publishing it, rather than saving it as a draft. So the initial breaths of this post got sent out into the world in a budding, emerging form. There is a distinct vulnerability in that mistake that also had another expression within myself. This expression of living questions seemed to foresee its own emanation out in the world.

• • •

7 June 2016 ~ And now, there is something of an inner breeze around this post, this contemplation, such that it lifts ever so lightly and asks itself of its own issue or dissemination. These words and contemplations, whether they are questions or something of a wholly different order, they are living. And in living with, living as these living questions, the seeds of this inquiry and fallow resting scatter now in the virtual winds, in spirit winds… perhaps arriving as a virtual stream where they are noticed in this living, fertile perception of You.


2 thoughts on “Living questions 

  1. Priya

    beautiful Janice…..left me in a contemplative space….more like in the womb….where my being is the only doing I need to do…that is the soil where the germination happens, unseen by the glare of a noisy, busy world…..thank you so much for this……do you also have a list of questions that came up for you to ‘live’?

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    1. janicesandeen Post author

      Hi Priya! I’m sitting “with” you as I consider your question. That question that I shared in the post that came to me on my walk was a deep example of the kind of living question; but a list of questions did not come, no.

      Maybe we can ask together, in a way that confluences both our questions, like: if you could list some unusual or seemingly unrelated items on a list that you were then going to mix together, as in a sacred elixir to take as a healing or transformational potion, what might those be?

      [And then in the spirit of this contemplation, how can you allow this to be a living list or living elixir that brews in the heat and commingles in the stirrings or quietness of your life until it works its alchemy?]

      How does that feel to you? If a list of questions does arise, I will certainly share with you here! Thanks and love to you, dear friend.




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