beyond comprehension

This radical


is so

simple that

it’s beyond a


anchored in work-a-day

To be jobless is radical beyond

comprehension. We say in Perma-

culture that everything farms or works

And isn’t that precisely so such that how

can we use ‘work’ and ‘job’ synonymously

We are blind within What Is by filters of

our own making –own our making

our own making

How many



What kind

of forest floor

is under your feet?

Will you lay yourself down

On that floor as a radical act

Of awakening to What Is

However prickly of a

bed that is seem-

ingly bereft of

the very


(we are that)

that each of us

so thrive on: space

grace listening subtleties

Of being  Being of What Is

Did you ever notice that things

simply grow on their own and thrive?

So what’s this business we conjure up

each and every other moment of

the day today that is simply

the magnificence of life

unfolding as we are?


You dig?

Let it






Thank you Shareable. This poem is partly inspired by this interview on jobless living:
[This poem is #2 in a series dedicated to revisiting poems that were written by me as part of my participation in a collaborative and experimental poetry blog: So… was written and first published 3 July 2013.]

2 thoughts on “So…

  1. Philip

    Beautifully meaningful words Janice.
    My guru Neem Karoli Baba (and I am sure many others also) said, devote your work to God (Source, Nature, Higher Power) and your work will be done for you. Living that way I experience life as one big miracle, only because it is so out of this world!
    I haven’t worked in ages and everything is the “magnificence of life unfolding”.
    I dig!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. janicesandeen Post author

      Thank you, as always, Philip, for joining in the contemplation and the poetic conversation. You dig! Yay. Really good to hear from you again. Sending that big miracle LOVE your way! ❤




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