It arrived as seeming magic yesterday morning

like a new reality being seen for the first time

and remains today sharing its glow still.


This touch comes via its recognition –cold but not

A distinct warmth arrives unbidden. The eye

is relieved of its usual work on these mornings


Dispensing with its familiar taint formed of other

kinds of vapor, which we gather throughout our

day to day interactions with this stuff of reality.


Hoarfrost permeates much the same in its blanketing

of every surface nook and cranny, defying gravity, comes

only when called out by the elements, its conspirators.


Colors shift and change, the light dances new dances

–a communion of deep appreciation of living things

that have their own mastery and workings reaches me.


This day to day eye softens its course, lays down its tools,

puts aside whatever ways it’s become accustomed to

seeing the world and takes an in breath, yes, breathes in.


San Cristobal, NM

10 January 2015

2 thoughts on “Hoarfrost

  1. Susan

    Janice Marie is a pure genius with her ability to write with such beauty, clarity and eloquence. Her ability to take me “there and back” through her writings is something I really appreciate. Hoarfrost is another of my favorites.


    1. janicesandeen Post author

      Dearest Susan,
      Thank you! So grateful for you as you share your warm enthusiasm and words of appreciation for my writing. These poems are one we can share in an intimate day to day experience despite the miles that are between us at this time. Much love to you! Keep the comments coming whenever you so feel it! xo




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