Massive Supersymmetry

For thoughts on the writing of this poem, see below. Originally published on IMUNURI

natural as breathing

unseen sight

Higgs boson

unanswered question


a = morning

b = afternoon

c = evening

d = day

does a + b + c = d


apparent passage

of time

walks all over


we think


without time

the space


things would not

contain monies


as if those


did as we think

dark matter

anti matter


IT previously

not conceived of

not seen

electroweak field

strong interaction


of a second


Standard Model*

shaking in its




do we know

yet beautifully adapt

(we = cognizant)

as/within all forces






*the so-called Standard Model of Elementary Particles

This poem found its canvas and spark via an experimental poetry, group blog, IMUNURI,which I write on somewhat frequently. The prompt we were given for this cycle of writing was called Zephyr. I find the prompts can spark something for me, as in the case of this poem, that otherwise I may not have arrived at within a more familiar terrain.

I’ve had a lay person’s passion for quantum mechanics and quantum physics for as long as I can remember. Recently, I’ve been reading on the phenomena of entanglement or quantum entanglement in The God Effect by Brian Clegg (St Martin’s Press 2006). This phenomena is not a mind boggler for me, as it is something I experience again and again and seem to have a perception of rather naturally. Yet I am fascinated by its seeming elusiveness. Clegg describes the time when (some very famous) physicists could not conceive of matter exhibiting non-locality (or entanglement.) For some it was considered a joke or, at best, utterly outside of classic lines of thinking, thus impossible.

I’m inspired by the shape shifting aspects of certainty. What we once thought certain, no longer is from a different perspective. Can we let ourselves be open to new perspectives? It’s that ‘outside of the box’ possibility that inspired this poem. Playful, risky, celebratory ~ all characteristics of an experimental poetics. 


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