fantasy fantasia

many, many fantasies ~ the heart of seeming existence

yet another filtering in, bleeding into this moment

bleeding in, the mix of this and that  …  here  …

here and there mixed into ‘here’ ~ then what?

commingling, cohabiting, confusing, cross-pollinating

• • •

thus the nature of three distinct awareness streams

we are the seed and the flesh of this both

being in the now

being outside of the now

being, being as being

• • •

being reactive in the now

being reactive outside of the now

being reactive

we are the seed and the flesh of this both

we grow within the matrix we know

• • •

being repressed in the now

being repressed outside of the now

being repressed

every cell listens to the vibration of the song that is playing

every heart moves within a medium it calls home

• • •

my home is being, being as being

even when i fight this or flight from this

and fantasy fuels the fire of my higher knowing

taking this ride, sometimes with the bottom falling out

surrendering to anticipation as the composer of the score

• • •

i return to being

and here the glory of that return

feeds and nourishes from purity previously unknown

opening out into that wider field

emanating being


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