this is a place to listen

when things are stirred within, the territory is deeply rich for listening. the inner terrain is vast and sometimes awkward to move around within. i’ve recently been tuned in more so to the unique way of my own listening: feeling beyond the apparent, feeling simultaneously into multiple layers of existence and consciousness both. this kind of perception could be described as tasting, tasting and smelling the rich bouquet and complexities to be found by a palate that has surrendered to the possibility of accessing the information array, ever so subtle, like filtered light speckled across the tongue and olfactory organs.

so, to pause becomes the opportunity here, to not skip over this inner fire or wind or brilliantly sunny heights within. today, a heavy rain within is what draws my attention. the weight and gravity of these drops finding there way into nooks and crannies of my solar plex and sympathetic nerves, flooding me with information so full that slowing down is in order. there is a particular way of accessing such information, a stepping out of time or simply stepping into a rhythm that is unique to myself in this place, to the nature of what is to be accessed here.

time is pliant. the natural stretch of time becomes an ally in this process of feeling within. ‘listening time’ affords being. and in that answer, having been called, the repository, treasure-like, opens upon the slightest touch.


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