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Coyote Blue

We walk our usual traces

along the back fields, now quiet


Once we had conversations

of a bovine-canine nature


Blue amongst the blue

sky and young ruminants


But today  there you stood

catching my eye and my breath


And this conversation was all

there needed to be    In pause


–I stood with you in kind

What order of listening is this?





When you chose to take leave,

I found you had left something


With me  –a grace that not only

touched but held my own Wild


While Blue reminds me of the life

shared within walls I call Home


You today –show me we walk together

what once were walls, dissolve into vastness


Sky Dogs

the dogs are in the sky

in the clouds

the colors are their sniffing ground

I walk with them  wild openness

nothing tethered

their playing field

is pure changeability

from one moment to the next


the sky dogs roam

but in their roaming

come home again and again

never leaving the vastness

of their infinitude

bedding down only

in the thunder and

the lightning


howling and braying

cascading down the gorge

the tender-footed ones

follow the light traces

wings of birds


the calls of coyotes

and bright cactus flowerings


they dig

and dig deeper

into my being

pirouettes and thermals

carrying me to the

outer atmosphere

beyond any longing

swimming a rarified ocean


and as I follow

will I tip onto the other side

even imagining

another side

has the weight of

pretend and posture

this vastness holds

no bars on any spiral