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Re: Point of Reference*


There comes a point

It’s coming into focus

Scanning it, seeing

What it is, might be


Reference points all

Around outside inside

Cascading the senses

What to measure or




No need

Or is there


There comes a point

When seeing is seeing

Not a tool to shape

Reality map-out frame


Barter coordinate banter

Store hold hand-hold

Tether tie keep

Sure secure free


Advantage to what

Who pays the piper

What lock to key

Surveyor’s level rod


There comes a point

When no point is

True measure in the

Long or the short of it







And as that reference

One to another as

Other to one

We are



The crosshairs

Behold beyond

That I Am



* new title and layout of an earlier poem

land cloud earth air water and photography

slope ridge line light

Photography –a medium I first explored over three decades ago and now find myself coming back to again, is compelling. It is the appearance or illusion of what was seen –not seen by the naked eye but by the camera, as Garry Winogrand so aptly noted as he discussed photography while being filmed himself for a documentary on photography.

We can look at photography in another way, not the way the camera ‘looks’ at the world in that split second aperture opening, but the way the human being and the human eye explores and glances, focusing or not focusing at something. Each photograph I take asks, if it can be said that way, to be looked at differently. In the photo above, for the body/brain there is a gestalt here. There are worlds within worlds in this image in the way I experience it. There is abstract beauty, there is light, dance, majesty, tenderness, softness, a deep relax. I love what seems to me the visitors, the trees high up on the ridge drawing my attention and intersecting the ridge line, riding the slope of this arid mountainside.

I love the scale shift in detail from the foreground to the very distant space of the ridge on into the sky. The feel of the day that drew me out into its changeability is touched here in this photograph, for me. Something breathes more easily within me in the presence of this light and shadow illusion of a land and cloud scape. So where might we say this landscape exists?

As invisible

as an updraft, the eye soars

as the osprey’s flight

Moisture Burns Off

A heaviness on waking

burns off like dew

moisture of the morning

dream trails left by some

unsuspecting wish to be

or to love or have love

only forgetting no possession

brings such things

no accomplishment

weighs in as favor

making any wish true


There is something here

at work       abiding

more brilliant even

than the sun

for it shines always

and looking beyond

the eyes yes yes yes

yeses reveal what is

eyes possibly of heart

beyond breath even

You are what is


Neither moist nor arid

distressed or elated

lost or remembered

virtuous or awry

engaged or foot-dragging

each and all of these

burn off in the sun

of their own making

like the dew

of this morning

a morning of night


What is





= or ≠


be measured

and left




Instead unfold within

ourselves resplendent

beyond the fascination

with things that break

only to be

rebuilt oncemore

trimming satisfaction

from something

that can only

be diminished

by its very nature