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A ten word poem from the recent IMUNURI prompt this week. I found it came in (two takes) –each a little different.  ¡ʇı ɥʇıʍ unɟ ǝʌɐɥ noʎ ǝdoH


Skin Deeper

You’ve lost your watch
and nearly lost your mind
you can see and feel yet

You passed out of time
and now you reach for
but out there there are

No references any more
real than one thing from
another or all things real

In their own way just as
you real within this skin
consciousness skin deeper

The blinking cursor tells
nothing like it once may
have now only intervals

With some precision and
without measure so help
you time where what when

Something helps you pace
yourself find your bearings
we’ve given those numbers

Strange fruit such magic
unfolding again and again
before our eyes oh yes

How will you know to
arrive to depart to fall in
to be yourself all in all

Such fraternity the avenue
of time cannot turn against
all things unto themselves

Out(side) of time we rest
markers makers listening
as long as stars hold yet

Even then or were that
may be or not we start
again deeper than begin

(construct into) Platonic Cube

A new poem, which has a visually inspired structure (amongst other jewels), best seen/read at: http://imunuri.blogspot.com/2012/11/construct-into-platonic-cube.html

The IMUNURI prompt for this poem was of the theme ~

Gotta have heart:

O orators, body sculptors, what if you could put something else inside the middle of the body? what emblem, symbol, or doohicky would you place in the great hearchitecture (heart-architecture) of our corpus? Write a poem about it.

Extra credit for visualizations that accompany your hearchitectural sculpting. 

Five Tails

Steady ground of multitudinous paws

with limitless capacity to reflect

I gaze through dog windows seeing

laying  there aspects of my self

true and false  whole as well as partial

muddied then still and clear

what a day of five tails telling

what might not otherwise be seen

a) Attentive

foundling shaped coddled softened

from the inside out Mystic Eye of

the Beholder tender and fierce

at times rapidly interchanging

hesitant yet braised in a longing

contained by eons of shadowing

supplicant of the human heart

when opened  vastly free

b) Bounding

naked nighttime new moon confab

juxtaposes playful boundless reverie

extremes of pursuit and contentment

don’t tie me down but keep me close

tender toothed kisses unfettered affection

I see my own innocence here glowing

even with misunderstandings speculation

and day rises again the bright clear sun

c) Chivalry

the heart that opens deeply softly

eyes eyes eyes seeing watching tasting

putting all aside ready to desire delight

transparency confluence of many worlds

easy traveler buoyant riding over surface

and depth his role clear certain allowing

leave it in his hands but paws and nose

return again and again ever welcoming

d) Dear

unsettled bashfully brazen welcoming

committee of one of anything needing

alerting exuberantly caught in her own skin

and grace melting icebergs in her sleep

where all previous proclivities disperse

just give me something soft to curl onto

something to gaze into calm me full

in these simple yet abiding nourishings

w) Exceptionally

no other steps in here in This Way

fraught with complexity and oh so

vulnerable would it could it be seen

only only only ready ready steady

bound within an unspoken allegiance

being everything and plus some to His

and yet what has been asked is more

than some could bear this bare note

• • •

And five tails told but only wagging

can tell what more is to be seen

dog windows to the soul of so many

internal worlds open space off leash

[ ] loose

I invite you to visit this poem as published on IMUNURI another blog I write poems with others through weekly prompts. This particular poem does not easily translate onto this site, as its ‘writing’ was also a process of cutting away, which you will see when you visit IMUNURI.


ho me o st as is perfect i on

the times turning in toward their tides

tracking invisibly torusing

trail? follow? coursing?

all this

work of pineal

gray matter

all systems changing let it

arise as is

perfect i on

seeding this silver lined


mechanism? birth? knowing?


is this breathing

is this dying

and within?

whereforeartthou        we pray forgetting

what is it?

sympathetic parasympathetic

(we cannot digest

if we cannot


up regulate

preparing down

regulate flight






neuro transmitting