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No Causal Purport


There is no

meaning to grasp

there is just this

this arising here and now,

perhaps of all time


In a world where one thing

has more often

than not

meant one thing

while saying another


The naked courage

to lay plainly

before all

that has preyed upon

one’s own being


May seem as folly

may ironically convey


or be taken wrongly

as blatant arrogance


I have been infected

and affected more deeply

than I know (blind, blind)

And it is that scourge

that I lay bare to


The way has confusion

The way can mystify

These ways that I am

called and called again

–quietly, yet ever insistently


There are brambles thicket

forest darkness forest floor

–thorns, barbs pull

at my cloth, at my ardor

taste of perspiration


If the body could profess

its innocence

its determination

it would look like this

unveiling plainly all pretense


Putting pretense aside

putting pretense aside

putting pretense aside

come forward

come forward


What have you

what are you now?

Who would you be

stripped clean –of comforts

loose-fitting honesties


What greater ally could there be

than one who calls out the

antidote to the demands

of the frenzied auctioneer,

“Step it up, step it up!”


Are not you done –tired of

that dance and even of

dancing partners –subjects

of what they do not

even know themselves


No more, no more!

If I knew the way,

I would be there already

Perhaps I am more there

than even I know


Is it an insistent bygone

clinging still as a trace

of hoped for companionship

that the last longing

brandishes even now


Please see plainly

–along with me please

See me plainly seeing

what is, seeing you

Seeing through



27 December 2015

San Cristobal, NM

Twine of Earth and Sky ~ Bless of Being



The tides turn and turn, shifting

but still there is little to scour


Flotsam is not splayed about

upon the beach-like shores


Yet light glints off a found face

sparking brilliantly its presence


This seeing is by an eye observed within

of the heart cracked with a new interiority


What of this seeing  when it doesn’t match

any concentrated sense of what it is to exist


Does that suggest that this light, the glint

from within, is false or imagined somehow?


Heartily no! This shine is even brighter yetIMG_20150729_193458476

as it is seeing that has gained its illumination


We’ve somehow always known we see partially

whether we look closely or beg far-sightedness


What once remained mute in its invisibility

cascading like dark matter in vast space


Now is our epigenetic wonder and remaking

solace of grace and forthrightness of splendor