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Hey, how have you been?
This question is not a question
as in question/answer,
but a contact point, an act
of connection.

It rests in the natural
space of emptiness.
Nothing pushed away
or made into other.

The pure elegance of this goes
unnoticed all too often,
especially by me, the me
thinking there is a you.

And then it appears to be too late
and this business of separateness
has already started – gotten
under way.

You is a tricky conjunction,
so mesmerizing and uncouth really,
like a hammer blow on the head,
not the head of a nail.

We act as if it were as essential
as the blood in our veins and arteries,
but do not take the time
to test it out for real.

These assumptions are
like an intoxicating drug or
vice and to what cause?
So subtle.

The empty You, the I-Thou,
is like the freshest of breezes,
a pause in the clause
of being human.