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The Filtering of Light

In a space we call dreaming
where body and brain step off
different platforms like when trains
going off in different directions
take us here take us there
only to return anew somehow
magically or maybe oddly
to that place we call awake

While dreaming all the world
arises and falls seeps in vaguely
staying as light as salt crystals
scattered on potatoes steaming
giving rise to taste what is more
true the salt or the root or the heat
do each of these overhear the other
mixing metaphors soil and cuisine

Dreams we call them conversations
they are each one overheard by this
collective organism of perception
yours mine ours who possesses
and what is private public distinct?
We send you off to do the deed
only to come along tag along with
knowingly or unknowingly so

The body awake a node or locus
a conglomeration somehow particular
to one yet an entanglement quantum
of several or many spread over
here over there transparencies one
into and through another another
indistinguishable where if any are
the seams as each interpenetrate all

An arc of overhearing