oscillation of sight



this is what I ponder

considering what it is

what I co-author*

sometimes without even

realizing the very footing

I take as my own


I look and I look out

looking out, might I

bar that very pristine

ground of being,

which I emanate as,

simply unknowingly?


when I look

and in the looking

I dissolves

that I mistaken

once as anything

other than pristine


and existence reveals

itself again and again

oscillating almost

imperceptibly between

and in that between

there I am


not necessary to

catch it (!) no

as it is casually &

(seemingly) furtively

carrying on carrying on carrying on

birthing / rebirthing


gently, as if

I am gazing

upon a newborn fawn

breathing in the delicacy

and knowing it

as myself


the pristine I am

the pristine we are

emerges as visible

spectrum out of

hum and spin

oscillation of sight



* to choose either the co-authoring of misery & unworthiness or co-authoring of joy and worthiness ~ I have Mario Martinez and his seminal book, The MINDBODY Code (Sounds True, 2014) to thank for these profound insights and deep experiential touching into this “healing field”


4 thoughts on “oscillation of sight

  1. Rachel

    Janice, I feel your continuing joy in both the searching and the arriving …through this path of words and wording… the wisdom of stopping the search and arriving where you are….This is what I feel from this piece.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. janicesandeen Post author

      Rachel! I love having your tracks here in the metaphorical snow of this poetic journey, “path of words and wording” as you so beautifully evoke it. Yes, to stopping the search and arriving where I am/you are! You are always welcome to travel this way! ❤


  2. vange sandeen

    Your friend Rachel responds in such a sensitive way. I could not express my self that fully All something to contemplate!


    1. janicesandeen Post author

      What I see is that you are already starting to express yourself… and it could be in a pause (perhaps yet taken…) that the NEW or yet expressed words are right there waiting… Want to try it ~ step by step? You can experiment here. Each poem, as it is felt and written is also an experiment in the making. Thanks for your comment! ❤




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