A Letter as Separate Self Dissolves

Things are just as they are

The many paper doll covers drop away


That which Plays does not leave, however

Only the kind of playing that was borne


Of striving, play acting, a wish to stand out

Somehow different, as if what we truly Are lacks.


No more pretending called for, although pretense

Arrives from time to time, leaving its calling card as


Residue, the way sour milk leaves its trace on the glass

The I can momentarily forget that it is Luminous, Empty,


That which Knows –and if it wears anything, it is stitched

Together entirely of Love and glows simply as Experiencing.



San Cristobal, NM

16 February 2015


6 thoughts on “A Letter as Separate Self Dissolves

    1. janicesandeen Post author

      Actually no typo, Raymond, but thanks for wishing to help out! Try reading it this a way: “The “I” can momentarily forget…” The poem speaks about or refers to the “I” or the separate self as a noun or an object here. But that objectness is dissolving…


  1. susan helms

    Janice, I am truly always brought into your world so deeply through your stark honest poetry… to me, you are the modern day Rumi


    1. janicesandeen Post author

      Dear One, My sense is you are open and alive in your awareness, which is LOVE itself… My work, if this is work, is already done (essentially unnecessary) with your very receptivity! Ah! Nonetheless, thank YOU!




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