Monthly Archives: September 2014

We Are This

There is no methodology
There is just life

There is no education
Simply intelligence awakening

There are no helpers
We are what we are all

Nothing is alone here
What is distance and time?

We have short stopping overs
A pause for this and that

What is the solo journey
If not a full expansion
Of All That Is at one time
Unfolding of this one facet

We cannot comprehend the
Magnitude of what we are

And yet it is so, simply so
Orders upon orders of facets

Of shimmering nothingness
Alive with the mystery of Being

The spectrum of which is infinite
May we simply know this

May we simply know this
In our touching in ~ communion

Anything we think we need
Is inessential and yet we pause

There again and again and again
As if to mark the unmeasurable

To quench that which thirsts for
The exquisiteness beyond form

We bully the forces from which
We emanate, play at placating

We cajole and make light of
That which is the stuff of stars

Not realizing, error upon error,
We cannot eviscerate this Life

For it courses through all that
We Are and think that we are not

Folly of great follies, may we
Continue to play at these mounds

Giving the pitch, burying death,
Crowning all Glory with Herself

This is who and what We Are
We cannot comprehend how

So leave the how and why
The where is simply here now

September 2, 2014

What We Carry

Names rarely hold us
Yet foster some sense
Of a binding we only wear
But long inseparability from

What continuity is there truly
Forms sign up for this task
And yet are insufficient in their
Very purity of grace in letting go

And then the belly, what a grip
Equally capable and incapable of
Locating us as the semblance of
Our preferences, identities, woes

How soon do we falter with our
Suppositions in what we carry
When instead Life finds us again
Again in our essential forgetting

For only as we trace the humble
Traces, the pure subtle breath
Of communion between the Seen
And the Unseen do we know Us

And return that which needs no
Return as it never emerged as
Separate only appearing as so
And we fall in carrying that along

Falling in and as Love
Falling below measure where
With gratitude we momentarily
May see, nakedly and unabashed

San Cristobal, NM