Can’t stand it! 

So, sitting down now

with these spills

for fingering consistently

unlike pen and paper


Q  W  E  R  T  Y

some Jolly Roger

of our time, that

kind of decisiveness

laid wake –Argh!


Who’s pilot am I

in this Course of

Consternation re:

(F for Futile/Fluttering)

formation as lark


Those wings have

spread of their own

anytime anywhere

can take issue exitus

una cum omnia


But do they give

flight (or fight or flight)

where does the rest

(of us) find lift inconta-

minatum ex cogitatione


(Out with it!)


Only this week, Go! give Self

permission to angst, to voice

the angst of the fool the wizened

fool, the one who rides the wobble

of the world who wears the seatbelt,

the constraint of it all, to this existence

–not from fear of hurling through space.

Rather, in being with it all, that Ride-appeal

a tension of ‘not two’ but then what? What Is.

The body vehicle –check, awareness of the body

vehicle –check, the mind –check, absence of mind

–check! This angst –check; ballast ready for jettisoning.

Navigators –check; gross or subtle, oftentimes imperceptible.


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