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There is no question
Anymore even where
Once there were two,
Three, four, even more.
Resounding fathomless
Space time returning to
Itself prescient, unaltered.
Silence, in its knowing,
Visits without visiting
Sings without singing
Arrives without arriving.
After Where Life Resounds by Dag Hammarskjold

(construct into) Platonic Cube

A new poem, which has a visually inspired structure (amongst other jewels), best seen/read at:

The IMUNURI prompt for this poem was of the theme ~

Gotta have heart:

O orators, body sculptors, what if you could put something else inside the middle of the body? what emblem, symbol, or doohicky would you place in the great hearchitecture (heart-architecture) of our corpus? Write a poem about it.

Extra credit for visualizations that accompany your hearchitectural sculpting.