having taken

having taken what was offered

having taken the cast off, shed, forgotten

what no longer had a home or a heart to tend it

my heart became full, full up, weighted, borne

of burdens not my own yet mine nonetheless

tending tenderly tentatively landing home

having taken in, in here, not that there isn’t

an infinite capacity within, but what about

the fit, a resonance, a lightness of being?

having taken in only to give up, give over

resting in free space, an emptiness of rich order

lacking nothing, born of that which is now arising

this way, of responding to clear, calls me,

calls me out, calls me to see the subtle nature

of interplay, interaction in the field of knowing

the weight of things within and without

as the way of clear can be to enter even further

in to the very thing that blinds and obscures

losing sight, it rests with the spirit to guide,

to inform, to dissolve that which binds me

within a hold that brought edge, nourishment,

truth at one time, yet not at this time as it is

surrendering to what is loosens my grip and

frees this very tightness of the bud to its release


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