A Letter As Separate Self Dissolves (photo collage)

A Letter As Separate Self JPEGDear Followers of Contemplative Fire,

Thank you all (especially for the recent followers in 2015, who I haven’t had a chance to thank yet!) I have just created the above collage version of a poem of mine from back in February to share with a community, which I am part of, who are meeting in person soon. This photo collage version of my poetry is BRAND NEW for me.

Thanks for the help in getting it posted directly on the blog, Adam!

Blessings and love to you all!

2 thoughts on “A Letter As Separate Self Dissolves (photo collage)

  1. suburbanapis

    Hi Janice. Very nice. FYI, if you open the pdf document as a jpg in Preview or something, and then do “Save As…” as a jpg, you should be able to upload it directly to the site. I’ve been figuring out wordpress myself lately 🙂




    1. janicesandeen Post author

      Adam! So glad to know you visited my Contemplative Fire and checked out this recent poem post. I’m delighted! And I am very grateful to have your suggestion, too. Thank you. I will check that out soon. I will go visit your blog, too. I did once, but I’m not sure how long ago! Blessings! And happy Summer Solstice from New Mexico!




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