Words Behind WORDS


There  is   a  place   behind  the

words  that   emerges,     where

being           just is.        Perhaps

the        Void       but  even   that

W O R D                    is   only   a     

M A R K E R    appearing now

on this P A G E.  What is being

touched,  evoked         with  and

through the V E H I C L E of a

word? I find the   ‘best’    poetry

or expression  comes when  the

words    drop out   of  being  the

subject, avoid drawing attention

to               themselves,             are

e   m   p   t    y      pure     vessels

containing         expression   that

lives   and            breathes  in   or

from an    other realm.     Words-

and-telling       or       words-and-

saying live       somewhere        in

these    cells    in this awareness.


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