This thing, writing, how is it really any different than thinking, turning introspectively inward, or even self inquiry? What is this stuff of light, frequency, felt sense, understanding ~ the body such an exquisite vehicle for collecting and concentrating all this phenomena ~ changing or not, differentiating or not, being discerned or not? The stuff of consciousness, Already Fulfilled and Not Yet Fulfilled, hexagrams 63 and 64 respectively, are like polar opposite contacts in an electrical circuit: the energy or consciousness stream depends on contact with both points, nodes, or touchstones.

Writing is the stuff of making manifest and fixing something that otherwise exists on its own in a subtle and mutable form, giving the impression that once fixed in writing, there is something real to be grasped. Thus the risk inherent in writing that makes the writing seem more important that what it is a trace of or what it aims to point to. These are marks. That fact can be pointed to easily by simply changing the order of the marks around such that something can still be read, but no sense or meaning can be made of it: t.xyoi liif s;lk  fielkb wor nd sook l llll fhk,k.

So what comes before or during writing? Does anything come after? Can what is being pointed to, actually be touched, felt, understood, perceived or is it merely a potential? And if writing is the making of marks, what then is the organization of those marks and what is the perceiver of that of organization, such that the matching of the order of marks may then open out the possibility for a new seeing or a new understanding of consciousness within itself, of itself?


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