contemplation ~ i am

i am living my life in the highest order and it looks and feels like this:

pure aliveness in the now layered over by deeper sensing of what is through perceptions that permeate space and time. communion with all that is living, being, breathing. do i live in a house? i live within my being and it is my being which communes with all. i carry very little, i free this life from its bindings, its unnecessary bindings of all forms and vibrations.

i feel the hand of the maker in the house/shelter i rest and reside in, maybe even my own hand. i feel natural materials, earth, wood, sinew, bark, clay. i live in the midst of a garden, internally and externally. i am not removed. i am present with others. others visit me, the animals, the people, the birds, the children, the element(al)s, the frequencies, the wind, the sun, the moon.


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