Human Design: Interactive sessions, Mentoring, & comprehensive Rave Charts

Invite yourself to experience a shift your in life process & perceiving in a way that is totally possible for each and everyone of us, at this time. We are here to experience ourselves as pure being (which manifests quite differently for each one of us, some more active and/or strategic than others), which has become evident to me through direct experience and the lens of the Human Design system. ~ Janice

LOVE YOURSELF :: Relax as Yourself

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:: Nine Centered Being readings & sessions :: 

A Foundational reading is often the first step :: Introduction to Human Design & beginning one’s experiment 


The Nine Centers (colored in) of the HDS

  • A thorough explanation/synthesis of the system and its application to your life :: theoretical & experiential

For foundational readings when it’s your first reading or session with me, I offer a sliding scale from 110.- to 185.-  If the availability of these kinds of funds is an issue, please let me know. We will spend nearly 2 hours together in an interactive, recorded session, exploring all things related to you and your potential journey with HD. At minimum, we will explore your Aura Type, your Inner or personal Authority, how to interact with your Strategy & Authority as a lived process, and may also discuss your Profile & Definition.

After a foundational reading, choose an ongoing orientation:

Living Your Design :: The primary gift of HD ~ deepening your experiment & knowledge

  • Strategy & Authority :: The magic of the surface
  • The De-conditioning Process :: Where, When, How, & What might come of this
  • Connection Charts :: Interacting with others in your life
  • Variable & The Four Transformations ~ how to decode/determine your design
  • The Substructure of Color & Tone :: Motivation (Awareness & View) and Determination (PHS & Environment)
  • Your Life Cycles :: Saturn Return, Uranus Opposition, & Kiron Return charts

Studying the System :: The art of theoretical exploration ~ can be via sessions or through mentoring 

  • The Journey of the Projector :: A guide for these times
  • Sharing Human Design with Others :: To share or not to share
  • Multiple other orientations to the knowledge: Rave Cosmology, The Interregnum and 2027, the evolutionary path from the 7-centered Survival-based Form to the 9-centered Being and Flowering of Self-reflected Consciousness, Neutrinos & the Personality Crystal, Design Crystal relationship to the Magnetic Monopole… and much more.

For ongoing or advanced readings, depending on your process and what you are wishing for or needing at this time, we would dialogue about how you would pay me. Then if it is correct for me to work with you, it’s also important for me to know how engaged you are with your experiment and what your current level of understanding is of the knowledge of Human Design.

:: Nine Centered Being mentoring ::


Decoding Definition

An exceptionally rewarding way to relate to both yourself and the Human Design System is through self-study along with the support of a like-minded and like-hearted mentor. I offer the opportunity to try this orientation on, to see if you are indeed called to interact with and collaborate with me as a Human Design mentor over a specified period or subject of study and application of study in your life and relationships.

I can be called on as a mentor of HD when this relationship is natural and correct for us both. If you are drawn to this kind of interaction with me, it requires that you have an affinity to self-study and personal exploration that is authentic or natural for you. You likely know that this applies to you (or not) already, but either way, we first need to have an exploratory conversation to see where you are in your life process and if you resonate with how I share and open out the breadth of the knowledge. Then, if it is correct for me to work with you in this close way, we can begin!

When this kind of relationship is correct for us both, I offer an hourly rate from 60.– to 85.– USD for ongoing mentoring. 🙂

Contact me via your preferred way, either phone, text, or email –and we are on our way.

:: A mentoring testimonial ::

I have found Janice to be a warm, brilliant and generous guide to helping me not only understand and live more fully as myself, but also to step into sharing Human Design with my clients. Janice has beautifully modeled how to engage experientially with Human Design as a lived knowing while also guiding me to deeper levels of understanding of the Human Design system.

I appreciate that she brings the fullness of herself to our mentoring sessions — her humor, her poetic gifts of language, her genuine care, her trust in the flow of conversation, the vast depth of her own penetration from studying and living Human Design. I feel so grateful for all I have received from Janice — both for myself and also for what I can now share with my clients.

I appreciate that she has mentored me in a fluid and responsive way — allowing the conversation and my learning to unfold in a way that has felt natural, intuitive and supportive for where my questions and learning edge were at the moment. Janice is a treasure. ~ Shannon Jackson Arnold: Bloom into healing, hope, and happiness

:: Chart/bodygraph services ::


The blank BodyGraph (the 64 gates in place)

I now offer a full PDF of Maia Mechanics Imaging BodyGraph (MMI – classic Human Design software) ~ approximately 13 pages, which will be emailed to you for 15.- USD per chart. The PDF includes the following: 

  • Rave Chart overview ~ basic BodyGraph
  • Split view ~ Unconscious & Conscious (Red & Black) separate views
  • Incarnation Cross Mandala
  • Rave Mandala BodyGraph
  • Rave I’Ching overview/readout – description of every Line of the Personality & Design sides of the chart (includes Color, Tone, and Base information for the Four Transformations, as well as astrological coordinates for each Gate)

PLEASE NOTE: Accurate birth time is essential for the Rave Chart to be a relevant guide

Please send an email to rhythmresponse at gmail (dot) com to request that I run anywhere from 1 to 7 charts for you, as a full print out including all of the above.

For multiple sets of charts, I can reduce the individual chart cost depending on how many charts you require. (i.e. 3 charts for 40.- USD, 4 charts for 53.- USD & so on… )

THANK YOU! I use PayPal currently for this service. Or you can mail me a check, as well.

[Note: a basic FREE chart (similar to just the Rave Chart Overview) is available at Jovian Archive (myBodyGraph) or at Human Design America (chart-report).]

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